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Mountain Ridge

Nothing Comes out of Nowhere

  • I help you release Limiting Beliefs behind your symptoms or challenges in life, so that you can move back to well-being.  Many symptoms and blockages in life can be the result of ingrained Limiting Beliefs.

  • I help you find the root of the Limiting Beliefs that are affecting your life and well-being and gain a deeper understanding of the origins of your beliefs. Through guided visualizations you will be able to start replacing  Limiting Beliefs for Empowering Beliefs that work in your favor.

  • I help you learn how to surrender your path to your higher calling to live an aligned life in mind, body and purpose. 

About Me

After finding myself in a mind body crisis, that brought on numerous emotional and physical symptoms, I started on a journey back to wellness by applying principles of neuroplasticity, visualizations, limiting beliefs work, German New Medicine principles and body-mind practices. In the process, I learned that the most important part of the puzzle was connecting again with the essence of who I was, that had been lost in the process of growing up. I bring all my experience as a Registered Nurse, German New Medicine Consultant, Holistic Educator and the MPC method to release Limiting Beliefs and guide you back to your wholeness through guided visualizations and somatic practices. 

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Lia, I wanted to write you that I am feeling great, light, happy and with more energy! I feel more disposition in all senses. I am feeling more comfortable with myself, more generous with me. Thank you!


For about 3 days after I met with you I had an inner peace I have never felt before in my core.


That pain disappeared after I resolved the conflict that day. So cool.


Lia, It was such a powerful experience for me, you're an amazing person. I am so beyond grateful for all the insights you gave me. I just feel at peace with all this wisdom. And thank you for the practical tips guide, so incredible helpful.


I'm feeling quite a bit better, more shifts are happening for me. Both in the physical and non-physical. My mind is in a much healthier place too. So amazing what you helped me through that day. I'll never forget it!


Lia as a mentor is very kind, so comfortable to interact with and embodies what she teaches. She understand what you need and meets it effortlessly. She has a lot of knowledge and can point out a solution immediately to anything you ask her. At least, that was my experience. Highly recommend.



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